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Type Number Name Date Location District Source Comments
CL 716 John B. FITZGERALD 5 August 1868 Waiotahi Thames BACL 14397 2a Claim Register Thames
Name of claim: VICTORIA

Location: Upper Waiotahi, just above Punga Flat, bounded by the "Great Republic", Golden City" and "City of CORK" claims.

Claimholders: 7 men`s ground. Micheal H. McGINLEY, Frederick SMITH, John THORP, Duncan McALPINE, Daniel O`SULLIVAN, Michael GARVEY, Martin McINNERNEY, James McGUIRE, James GARVEY, John B. FITZGERALD.

The location of this claim is shown in the book GOLDRUSH TO THE THAMES: New Zealand 1867 to 1869 by Kae Lewis PhD p358.
For information about how to obtain a copy of this book, see

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