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The Goldminer's Database found on this website is an index to original records of people mining for gold in New Zealand during the period 1861 to 1872. The following is a list of all the records for the West Coast Goldfield (1865 - 1871) that are included in the Database.

Records that have a reference number starting with CAIF are located at ARCHIVES NZ, Christchurch, NZ.

There are ongoing problems with the Collections Search online at the Archives NZ website. At present, it is not possible to make a search using the Agency Code, Series number and record number which makes looking up a reference found on the Goldminer's Database almost impossible. In addition, they have simultaneously changed all the Archives NZ reference numbers to a 'unique identifier' (the R number). The reference numbers used on the Database include the Agency code, followed by the series code and the volume number which will not change. Archives NZ staff will be able to give you the corresponding R number for each reference number found on the database so that you can order it and view the original record at Archives NZ..

  1. Ahaura Warden's Court: Applications Register or Mining Registration Book.
  2. For the Registration of Head Races, Tail Races, Flood Races, Dams and Extension Claims. CAIF CH446 Box 11 (August 1865 - April 1866)
    CAIF CH446 Box 11 (April 1866 - July 1866)
    CAIF CH40 Box 4 (July - September 1866)
    CAIF CH446 Box 16 (April - October 1869)
    CAIF CH446 Box 16 (October 1869 - June 1870)

    Note: The Ahaura Warden's Court Mining Registration Books covering the period from September 1866 - April 1869 are missing.

  3. Camptown Warden's Court Mining Applications Register for Water Races
  4. CAIF CH446 Box 42/131 (October 1869 - February 1870)
    CAIF CH446 Box 42/132 (February 1870 - May 1870)

  5. Camptown Warden's Court Mining Right's Register Dams & Machines
  6. CAIF CH499 Box43/138 (April - October 1870)

  7. Greymouth Warden's Court Record of Proceedings 1865-6.
  8. CAIF CH446 Box 304 9/1 (July 1865 - December 1866)

  9. Hokitika Warden's Court Mining Right's Register (1) Water Races 1865-1868.
  10. CAIF CH446 Box 423 (1) (June 1865 - April 1868)
    CAIF CH446 Box 424 (2) (May 1865 - January 1868)
    CAIF CH446 Box 426 (April 1865 - February 1867)
    CAIF CH446 Box 212 431a (April 1868 - August 1869)
    CAIF CH446 Box 212/431 - 11/9 (February 1868 - February 1871)

  11. Hokitika Warden's Court Mining Right's Register (1) Tramways 1868-9.
  12. CAIF CH446 Box 212/431 (January 1868 - March 1871)

  14. BNZ Hokitika Securities Register - BNZ Ref# 4216 (December 1865 - October 1872)

    The BANK OF NEW ZEALAND Collection of Records are located at the BANK OF NEW ZEALAND MUSEUM
    Note: This is not an ARCHIVES NZ Reference.

The Main Locations for the Hokitka Warden's Court are Hou Hou (Ho Ho) Creek, Arahura River, Kaniere River, Woodstock, Arthurstown, Ross, Totara River, Goldborough.

The main locations for the Arahua and Camptown Warden's Court are Notown, Maori Gully, Noble's Hill, Nelson Creek, Blackball, Blackwater, Red Jack's, Half Ounce, Orwell, Napoleon Hill, Moonlight and Inangahua.